Low calorie potatoes

SunLite potatoes are tested by official authorities and have a proven 30% lower caloric value than average potatoes. Therefore they are allowed to be marketed as light potatoes.

Sunlite potatoes

  • 30% less calories
  • (Naturally) fat free
  • Low in sugar
  • Very low in salt/sodium
  • Source of fiber
  • Source of vitamin B6
  • Source of potassium

The concept

Potatoes are low in calories if you compare them to other carbohydrate rich nutritional foods. However, SunLite potatoes are even lower in calories and therefore are a very good choice for people taking care of their weight. Next to that, potatoes have lots of good nutrients as well.

The targetgroup

Consumers who want to lose weight or are weight conscious, but still like to share a tasty diner with the rest of the family.

The brandstory

SunLite is a light and fresh consumer brand, which immediately stands out on the shelf as a low calorie product. The unique selling point is the 30% less calories than average potatoes, while the potatoes are still full of good ingredients. We further emphasize on the cooking use of the SunLite potatoes and the appealing dishes that can be made.

Potatoes are healthy

Potatoes have lots of vitamin C and are a very good source of potassium, fibers and vitamin B6. In addition, potatoes are very low in sodium, they have no cholesterol or fat. They also contain various other important minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorous, iron and zinc. That’s the advantage of SunLite potatoes: Low in calories, still full of good nutrients!

Potatoes and nutrition

  • Fibers help to prevent constipation (together with water and exercise).
  • No cholesterol.
  • Magnesium, zinc, and copper contribute to strong bones and teeth (together with calcium).
  • Low in fat and low in calories.
  • Rich in carbohydrates,  which stimulate brain activity and are stored to provide energy.
  • Vitamin C is necessary for healthy skin and hair and for strong bones, teeth, and gums.   
  • Vitamin B1 is necessary to release energy from carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin B6 is a vital nutrient for a healthy nervous system.
  • Iron contributes to healthy blood.
  • Source of potassium, which helps maintain your blood pressure.
  • Source of folic acid, which is necessary for making new cells and protein for healthy blood.

SunLite potatoes and cooking

The SunLite varieties are rather firm cooking with a soft texture. Therefore they are ideal to boil, mash or bake. Steaming, using them skin-on or prepare them in the microwave is also possible. So altogether, SunLite potatoes are the perfect versatile potatoes to be enjoyed daily by health and weight conscious consumers.


The scientific background of low calorie SunLite potatoes

Official claim for light potatoes

Potatoes differ in their energy value depending on the variety and growth conditions. A claim referring to a product’s reduced energy value can only be valid when the actual energy content of that product is at least 30% less than the average energy value of the product category to which the product belongs.

The average caloric value of fresh boiled potatoes is 83 kcal/100 gram, meaning that the standard caloric value of SunLite potatoes is determined at 58 or less kcal/100 gram.*


Legislation in Europe

European Commission Regulation 1924/2006: ‘A claim stating that the content of one or more nutrients has been reduced, and any claim likely to have the same meaning for the consumer, may only be made where the reduction in content is at least 30% compared to a similar product.’

This regulation applies to all nutrition and health claims made in commercial statements.

The SunLite concept refers to a nutrition claim with the following fundamental criteria:

  • The content must not be misleading.
  • The content must not conflict with generally accepted nutrition and health principles.
  • The products have to contribute to people’s healthy nutrition in general.
  • The products have to display a complete nutritional value label.

SunLite potatoes meet those criteria and therefore, they are marketed to consumers based on an officially allowed claim, indicating their lower caloric value compared to the average of the product category potatoes.

Scientific foundation

The lot of samples which are likely to fit the SunLite specifications are measured in a certified laboratory using 6 official protocols (see table).

The nutritional characteristics which contribute to caloric value (kcal) are protein, (available) carbohydrate, fibre and fat. So, if content is expressed as g/100 g of product:
kcal (/100 g) = (4 x protein) + (4 x available carbohydrates) + (9 x fat) + (1,5 x fibre)



HZPC quality measurement and guarantee

The SunLite concept promises good quality potatoes with a proven lower caloric value. Therefore, growing guidelines and quality measurement are an essential part of the SunLite concept.

  • Cultivation in the right soils and circumstances.
  • Meet defined cultivation conditions and follow specific instructions.
  • In the final cultivation phase (before haulm killing), samples are taken to determine the optimal harvest time in order to obtain the intended caloric value.
  • Time to harvest.
  • Final check on caloric value.

Variety selection is essential

We currently have three varieties of the HZPC range which are ideally suited for the SunLite concept. Next to choosing the best variety, it’s important to select fields with the required soil types, the availability of irrigation and follow the fertilization advice in order to obtain SunLite specifications.